Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Transformers : Revenge of the fallen

Genre: Sci-Fi Action - Directed by: Michael Bay (Transformers)
Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox - India release date : July 2009

I was a little excited about watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen although I havent seen the first part. All I had seen was a 30 second preview in a Megan fox interview, which I was watching with the volume on mute :). She is THAT Anyways, I was expecting a lot of breathtaking effects and action...kinda like Spiderman 3. But it turned out, the movie is only fit for 9 yr old kids in awe of robots.

The movie started pretty well, with African tribesmen getting mashed up by the gigantic robots. Also, I loved the way the first robots are introduced - stylishly mantling themselves out of a box or watever, and then turning into cars and then back into robots. That was cool, supercool. But thats just the first 10 minutes or so :(

What follows after that for a looooooooong time ( was it two hours? ) is repetitive juiceless bang-bang between the robots, lots of confusing talk between the military ppl, and unintentional comedy. I kept losing the thread of the 'story'. But here is what I gathered : the hero has a stone which is coveted by the baddie robots, and somehow by mistake he drops the thing, and it affects his brain and he starts seeing symbols. hehe. These symbols would lead him to the only thing - a stony thing called matrix - that can destroy the baddie. So the baddie wants the hero, so dat he can get to the matrix and smash it like he smashes everything else. Phew!

Apparently, director Micheal Bay, doesnt like viewers to follow the storyline, so he complicated it ridiculously with an aged robot who walks with a stick ( haha!) , a high-strung butcher with a military past, a clingy blonde robot , an underwater robot who suddenly wakes up and flies straight to another planet (!??) , and military people shouting orders gravely ( rolling my eyes ) as if it were really important to the plot. Its simply mind-numbing. Phew again!

All I wanted was just some good action!I hardly got any, plus I got mindfucked.

I would have written a lot more, but I cant criticise anything to that extent. But gotta add this - I did'nt like the fact that the silliest robots were dubbed by blacks. Why o Why?

There a few good things though - Megan, the hot military officers and Egypt are all nice to look at. The guy who plays Shia's roommate was funny at times. But dats not enuf right? I mean I paid 125 bucks. Not worth it.


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