Thursday, July 23, 2009

My experience with Graphotherapy

Thursdays 4-5 pm is when you go to show your homework. After missing every Thursday since January, I finally made it today. Ofcourse she whacked me
Cause I was writing it too big and writing three times where I could squeeze in six,
So like back in the school days, she made me sit in a corner and
write it her way. (She does treat me like a kid. A lot of people do) And by golly, I really could fit 4 if not 6. She was happy with my work and let me go. I celebrated by
having cheese masala dosa alone in a restaurant deserted by everybody except a cook, a waiter and a manager. I had the whole place to myself, and theres nothing dat I like better.

Anyways, back to our story. Well, one good thing always leads to another. I was introduced to graphotherapy when I was learning illustration. A lady student was always singing praises of this particular
Graphotherapist cum astrologer in Mumbai. Well, I decided to take a session and liked
the results. In my first session , the therapist who is a cheerful middle-aged lady, asked
me to write and sign on a blank paper. I just wrote
random stuff about myself, and handed her the paper.

It was kinda fun, cause for a second I felt like Drew Barrymore in
Wishful thinking. I fancy myself as drew at every chance I get, coz shes my favourite. Was. It would have been more fun if the therapist had been wearing gypsy clothes with a beautiful crystal ball on the table. But then who takes that kinda stuff seriously.

This lady was nice, normal, and quite genuine. I dint need any
convincing because I had always believed that our handwriting is a reflection of our
thinking habits. I know I write differently when I am tensed or angry. She analyzed my handwriting and told me that my profession dint match my education and my life
lacked stability – financial and otherwise. What I got out of the session was a new signature. She advised me to buy a blank long book and practice my new signature everday. The new signature
was gonna help me cultivate habits of consistency and an attitude of success.

I just did what she told me to do, and I quite enjoyed it. I love to change things about myself. Makes me feel like I am reinventing shreela. Its been a year now since I started
this therapy, and there have been very cool changes in me and my life. I dont believe in co-incidences, so a lot of credit for whatever success I earned in the last year goes to graphotherapy. I am gonna
get my new signature on my PAN and other places too, and throw the old one into de bin.

This is just my story.

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But how, you may ask, can the alteration of one's handwriting affect his character? To understand the whole complex process, it is necessary first to be aware of what takes place when you write. The act of writing is movement - a series of gestured involving rhythm, speed, pressure, direction, etc.
Handwriting itself captures and holds on paper the slightest motor impulse of the writer with the many contributing factors which enter into it. We do not write with the hand alone, but with brain, muscles and nerves which in turn react to conscious, subconscious and emotional stimuli. Handwriting is referred to by many as "brain-writing".
Thus it follows reason that how we move(and write) must reflect our physical, mental and emotional states. Handwriting explains why, although as children we are taught to form letters according to established pattern, each of us develops his own peculiarly individual script. It also explains the incredible diversity of handwriting. No two people's script are exactly the same.

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