Sunday, July 26, 2009

Of black beauties and racism

I was looking over the net for some black women pics ( to put on my orkut profile) and I came across Abagond's blog . I am impressed by how some people can focus on one topic for so long.And I mean that in positive way.

What I like about the blog is that it celebrates black women's beauty,and breaks the ridiculous stereotype of beauty that american ( as well as indian) society has embraced. M jus glad to find someone who thinks like me.I think smooth chocolate-dark skin looks so lovely...some people mus be crazy to put it down. Anyways.
Most of the time Abagond seems to be talking about racism, inter-racial dating, and how the movie and fashion industry is dominated by whites. Yet his tone is decent and cool , not aggressive. These posts get many many comments,that I found very interesting to read. I had always found it weird that there are hardly any black characters in FRIENDS you know. Same goes for movies."If blacks ran Hollywood like whites do" and " Black women that white men like" are nice reads.

Visit Abagond's blog

Its a very well-written blog, but I am not going to follow it. Got no reason to.

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