Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Photoshop facial :D ( Retouching )

Hi All,
Heres a sample of photo retouching with simple steps i.e healing brush, spot healing brush,
surface blur and colour balance. This is so simple that anybody can do it. I have posted
the photo in its four stages. I havent done any drastic smoothing...but with the help of
advanced tutorials and some patience, you can really make a normal girl look like a model.
Also, I have kept her colour as it is, except making it a shade redder.

The Original Pic:

After using healing brush:

After filter>surface blur:

Final result after image adjustments> colour balance:


Garv said...

oye kudi... tu toh badi soni dekh rahi hai... waise hai cute pic

Anonymous said...

Nice Articles.... straight from Ur mind.....