Friday, July 24, 2009

Some like it weird.. :)

I am not a news person. I never bother to look at the headlines and cant stand news channels. I did rather read bizarre news. You know, u wont believe all the weird stuff that
keeps happening!... Sigh! I only wonder why it doesnt happen around me. I mean I wish my neighbour uncle becomes pregnant or my mom takes up dirt bike racing...loooolz...weird is fun :)

And ofcourse the best place to find these stories is on the net. From now on, I'll post such "fact is stranger than fiction" kinda stuff here whenever I find it. Btw, That lady in the pic is officially "The World's Most Tattooed Senior Woman".

Heres one:
My twins have different dads
A STUNNED mum has shown the world her twin sons - born to DIFFERENT fathers.
Babies Justin and Jordan Washington arrived just seven minutes apart.
But incredibly they were CONCEIVED separately because their mother Mia was cheating on partner James Harrison with another lover.
Astonished US medics say different eggs were fertilised by each man within a very short time of each other - a million-to-one condition.
That makes the boys, who are now 11 months old, half-brothers rather than real twins.

Ok, I mean these things must be tough for those who through it. But i wont
lie. They do crack me up. Like the following one:

Man Sues Priest for Stealing Wife
Stephen Crane of Joliet, Ill., says he and his wife went to Christopher Floss, a priest, in 3006 for marital counseling. In 2007, Floss left the priesthood and Ms. Crane moved in with him. Crane is now suing Floss and the Roman Catholic Diocese for professional negligence and infliction of emotional distress.

Heehee!looooooooolz! The next one is hilarious. I can jus imagine dat guy running like dat
with his hands busy :D

Multitasking Masturbator
Is it really possible to pleasure yourself on the run? Okaloosa County law enforcement authorities in Florida say a woman reported seeing a man from her back door in nothing but a T-shirt masturbating. When she screamed, he ran into the woods, while still stimulating himself. The woman says this is the fourth time in the last week she's seen him exposing himself.

Find more such stories here.

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