Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Room 205 (Kollegiet) - A Review

I think, this is the first danish film I have seen. Its what we call a 'timepass' movie in India. Just some passable entertainment to engage in when you have nothing better to do. I watched it with the sound on low ( with subtitles ofcourse ) , because it was playing late at
night on TV and I dint wanna disturb anyone. Its fun to watch subtitled movies in the dead of the night :) Especially a horror flick.. This particular one, called
Room 205 ( Kollegiet ) is a rather standard, mild ghost story. The ghost itself is a funny
looking blonde who turns up here and there in a dormitory, terrorising good looking people.
But I do admit, I saw her through half-open eyes as I dint wanna keep seeing her weird face
everytime I went to the loo in the dark :D

Let me outline the plot first. Theres a pretty girl, Katrine, with some baggage , emotional as
well as real. She moves into a college dormitory and is subsequently ill-treated by some
bullies, especially by one jealous bitch with curly hair. Katrine begins to have some creepy
supernatural encounters, people die and the ghost has to be stopped before it kills the main
character itself.

I kept getting Deja Vu-ed throughout the whole thing. Everything seemed familiar and
predictable. Thats the only reason why the movie did'nt hold my attention so well .

I wont call this an atmospheric thriller just because it has a few scenes of the sky changing
eerily over buildings ( deja vu again ). The dorm, where all the action takes place, looks
like a nice place with lots of fresh air and sunlight. Cant help contrasting it with the
creepy old building in 'Dark water'.

There are a fair number of scary scenes. Mercifully, the gore quotient is low. The acting is
strictly ok. Actually the supermodellish Katrine seemed a bit out of place. She dint really
seem traumatized or disturbed.. I dunno if I missed something in the translation, but I really
dint care for the characters. Some of them looked too old to be playing college students.
All said and done, you will enjoy it if you dont mind the cliches. Bad movies can be fun too
you know. If you DO see it, watch out for the very last scene. Its HILARIOUS ! :D