Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Designs in my life

Did i tell you that I am a graphic designer by profession? K, people say they like my designs.,
but for me its really only a hobby, something I have never tried to excel in. I am inspired
by the cool stuff on smashingmag all the time, but never acted on it. No apologies :)
My favourite form of art has always been illustrations of people, rather than abstract, or birds
or nature or something like that. My favourite topics have always been people and sex, you
see I was studying to be a psychotherapist until some funny things ( they dint seem funny at that time for sure ) happened and I decided to use my photoshop skills to make a life ( i will not use the term "earn a living" coz it sounds so cheap, and smacks of a feeling of lack...yea i have been reading louise hay ).
So the point is that I wanna show you some of my favourite works of art, done by other talented artists. Kudos to them. The last one, the girl in water is made
by Jimmy Beaulieu.

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