Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tanguy - French film

I watched another flick francaise aujourd'hui, "Tanguy". Movie was moderately entertaining.
Heres the story :

Perpetual student Tanguy (Eric Berger) is a pleasant, maddeningly polite lad who speaks fluent Chinese and Japanese and teaches while working on his thesis. The brilliant young man advises a government minister when he's not exasperating his long-suffering mom, Edith (Sabine Azema), and dad, Paul (Andre Dussollier), by leaving dirty clothes, damp towels and crumbs in his wake, entertaining lady friends in his bedroom and otherwise treating his parents' lovely apartment like a hotel with room service.

Paul and Edith are desperate to enjoy an empty nest, but the couple had previously pampered their loving boy and can't bring themselves to tell him outright to please shove off.

When I came to know, that TV5Monde was going to play the movie, I decided to watch. The storyline seemed interesting. But it turned out to be less engaging than expected.

But anyways, as an Indian, the movie was somewhat of a culture clash. In the movie, the parents want the kid to move out. In India, the kids are dying to move out, but parents dont let them.

I was pleased to see an honest portrayal of parents though- they are human, and although they may love their kids more than anything else, they deserve a break. Lot of people, especially indians, dont realize that their Pa and Ma are individuals, and yes they are a couple, who needs their own privacy and space. Its not fair to expect them to sacrifice their happiness for you all the time.

Well, ofcourse, since its a comedy, the parents do some seriously weird things to shoo Tanguy out. Tanguy himself is irritating as hell. I couldnt see why he is shown as attractive. Anyways.

Decent movie.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twelve and holding

Saw dis on UTV worldmovies today. This is the best portrayal i have seen of the "not-yet-adult-and-no-more-a-kid" phase of life. Found the kids very believable, especially loved Malee's part, reminded me of myself wen i was 12 :)


* I loved the way the director shows how sometimes parents act like kids while kids behave
sensibly. When Leonard goes on a healthy diet, his worried mom asks him if he has joined a cult.
Leo has to do something extraordinary to show his obese mom that shes slowly killing herself
with all that grease on her bread.

* Liked the sweet chinky girl's character., Malee. She is so mature and sensitive and yet innocent
enough to expect a relationship with a much older (but cute!) man. "But we are soulmates!"
she says when he rejects her . But I know, at that age, you dont realize that older guys see you as a kid.


* I hated Jacob's Mom. She actually wished her son's killer ( by accident ) dead, and is careless
enough to say that infront of her emotionally disturbed 12 yr old son. Parents can be dangerously clueless about the consequences of their words.
Plus, the adoption at a bad time.
Somehow dis movie felt different than other coming-of-age movies - more real n therefore somewhat grim. The kids here are more like little adults, havin a mind of their own, but at the same time very naive. Definitely worth a watch.

Ma Vie En Rose - Sometimes you just have to be yourself

Yesterday I saw a great movie called 'Ma Vie En Rose'. I mean it was realllly good. Colourful, funny,moving, endearing...and also an eye-opener. Heres the story:

Ludovic is a young boy who can't wait to grow up to be a woman. When his family discovers the little girl blossoming in him they are forced to contend with their own discomfort and the lack of understanding from their new neighbors. Their anger and impatience cave and Ludovic is sent to see a psychiatrist in the hopes of fixing whatever is wrong with him. A movie that addresses trans-gender and gender issues in general through the eyes of a child.

Imagine if your family were to outcast you , and why? Not because you are a baddddd sheep, but simply because you are different from them... Poor you! I mean how cruel is that?, crucifying someone only because your mind is not broad enough to accomodate their offbeat ways.

Just how difficult is it to just let someone be?? Is it really a challenge to say that " I dont understand you, maybe I dont even like what you are doing. But hey, its your life and you have a right to your own choices, and I wont judge them."