Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ishqiya - i loved it

Generally watching a faded, pirated, dvd parlour-type copy of movie, with sleepy eyes can substantially diminish the enjoyment of the experience. Not so with Ishqiya. Its such a wonderful creation. During the first five minutes or so, when Vidya Balan is making rotis
for her thug husband, I thought this was not worth staying up. But starting from Arshad's
parrot joke right to the open ending, I was glued.
Khalujaan (Naseerudin shah) and Babban ( Arshad warsi ) make a nice funny pair. One charming and chivalrous, and the other a rough unshaven flirt. I think the casting for this movie was damn good. Imagine, if they had cast Amitabh and Abhishek instead ! Lolz.
I looooved Vidya Balan as Krishna. She has managed to look and act very alluring in whatever wardrobe they gave to her rustic widow character. And her role is also quite cool.

The best thing in the movie has to be the humour. Theres one episode in the movie about a cheating husband secretly meeting his chinky girlfriend that had us all in splits. God, it was so funny! I still laugh when I remember it. Also, the dialogues are very good.

Well, additionally, what makes this movie so good, is the collage of music, from old hindi songs to some original tracks. 'Dil toh baccha hai' is my favourite. But thankfully, 'Ibna batuta' was missing from my copy. (hehe)
All in all, Ishqiya was a pleasant surprise. Entertaining and memorable. Recommended.


pRasad said...

I too liked this movie.. !

Casting is good..especially considering Nasaruddin shah for old lover's role..


I didnt understood last 15 min of this movie but :-)