Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bookoholic again.

Well, with my frequent trips to fort I often spend 2 hrs a day in the train. From thane to VT and then back. Since I go at non-peak hours, the trains are not crowded and I can put up my feet and chill. And I realize thats just the loveliest time to catch up on my reading ! Since I am in the train, I dont feel guilty that I am whiling away time with a storybook. As it is, there is nothin else to do in the train right. Hmm, i really love reading.

Well, but owing to my current focus on positive thinking and happy vibes :) , I decided to stay away from my classic favourites - dark, murky, gothic thrillers, mostly with a cop and a psycho. I have the same taste in movies also ( Think Zodiac, Hitchcock movies, Les Diaboliques) . But I wish, I werent attracted to such kind of stuff. I mean it doesnt exactly cheer you up. It is disturbing and yet so engrossing at the same time. Hmm. So nowadays,
I consciously look for funny, light movies and books. Like the last few movies that I downloaded were - Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I love you man, Music and Lyrics etc.

I am doing the same wid books. After trying a bit of Wodehouse, I decided my current favourite genre is chick lit. Blame Sophie Kinsella. Shopaholic and Sister was simply fun! Its kinda stupid at places ( of course, with a protagonist like that! ) . After Shopaholic, I decided to try more of this stuff. But "Fast friends" by Jill Mansell was disappointing for me. Its not funny, and its full of romantic BS. But I m really enjoying this change. Though from yesterday I have been fighting the temptation to read Martha Grimm's Hotel Paradise. The same way that I have been stopping myself from downloading "Dogtooth", some fascinating greek movie about an extremely weird family. I know it will be sad and weird, but I am so curious about it. BUT With a mind as delicate and impressionable as mine, I am better off with Kinsella and Wodehouse.

Wanna see wht Hotel Paradise is abt. See the description : "A neglected lake, covered with water lilies. A once fashionable, now faded resort. A derelict house full of secrets, uninhabited for almost half a century. The death of a twelve-year-old girl forty years in the past. And another girl who becomes obsessed with this death. With her knack for encouraging adults to reminisce, she begins to piece together puzzles from the past and present." Sounds interesting. Well, will let you know if I read it.

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