Saturday, July 10, 2010

The dead girl - dark drama

Every other day I search to find movies with a high rating, especially thrillers, thats how I decide to download them. Well, The dead girl was classified as thriller, but a thriller it is not. Yes, there is a murder, and there is a serial killer. But thats not the focus of the movie. Its a short emotional account of sad, smothered lives that are positively affected by one unfortunate death.

"The dead girl" is made up of five stories, five perspectives. It shows how a single event, affects different people's lives. Its a very good movie.and it gets better with every story. Although dark and grim, its engrossing, Not that depressing and fast-paced with numerous female characters who have some real problems in life.

The Stranger
(Toni Collette) is a timid girl living a lonely life with her abusive dominating mother. She is the one who
finds the dead girl's body.

The Sister
( Rose Bryne ) is a reclusive pretty girl, pushed
into isolation and clinical depression by her family's relentless search for her sister, who
had disappeared 15 years back. She works in a morgue, she is the one
who does post-mortem or something on the dead girl, and finds a familiar birthmark on her.

The Wife is about a fiery middle-aged wife in an unfulfilling marriage with a husband who often disappears for days, and comes back with scratches on his body every time. This is the only story with some suspense and thrills.

The Mother
is a moving account of a woman who is informed by the police that her daughter
( the dead girl) who had fleed home when she was 16, fell prey to a serial killer. When she meets her dead daughter's lesbian lover, she makes a shocking discovery. I felt this was the best among the five.

The Dead girl
is a flash-back to the last day of the dead girl, Krista's life.

Its definitely worth a watch. Watch it at a quite time, like at night.


pRasad said...

I have not watched this movie yet..but from your description it doesn't seem to be horror one..

beautiful copper said...

Yea, but its very interesting.