Monday, January 18, 2010

Series of 5 - Funniest Email-forwards!!

I was gonna start a series of posts, where I'll make a list of 5 worthwhile things from different categories...for eg, 5 sexiest hollywood hunks, 5 best street foods, 5 this , 5 that. Well,
its jus for fun. Just 5 mins back, I came across an e-mail forward that had to be the funnniest
one I had seen. So, why not start this series with the "5 funniest Email Forwards (that I have received)".

Okkk, let me go and dig up my inbox....

N....heres wat i got

please click on images, to view bigger version

Indian PhotographY.......The Top 4 Poses!!!!


A little boy got on the bus, sat next to a man reading a book, and noticed he had his collar on backwards.

The little boy asked why he wore his collar backwards.

The man, who was a priest, said 'I am a Father.'

The little boy replied 'My Dad doesn't wear his collar like that.'

The priest looked up from his book and answered 'I am the Father of many.'

The boy said 'My Dad has 4 boys, 4 girls and two grandchildren and he doesn't wear his collar that way'

The priest, getting impatient, said 'I am the Father of hundreds' and went back to reading his book.

The little boy sat quietly thinking for a while, then leaned over and said, 'Maybe you should use a condom and wear your pants backwards instead of your collar.'


A Sardarni gets home early from shopping and hears strange noises coming from the bedroom.
She rushes upstairs to find her husband naked on the bed, sweating and panting.
'What's up?' she asks.
'I'm having a heart attack,' cries the husband..
The sardarini rushes downstairs to grab the phone, but just as she's dailing her four-year-old son comes up and says, 'Mommy! Mommy!
Aunt Amrit Kaur is hiding in your Wardrobe, and she's got no clothes on ! '
The sardarini slams the phone down and storms upstairs into the bedroom, right past her husband, and rips open the Wardrobe door.
Sure enough, there is her sister, totally naked and cowering on the Wardrobe floor.
'You rotten 'B****', she screams, 'My husband's having a heart attack, and you're running around naked scaring the kids!!'


5) Read the short story of this new tamil movie.
It deserves every award that exists


Vijay's dad was killed by the villain, and his mother needs an operation !
So he sells his land for his mother !
Inorder to take revenge, Vijay (Villu) has to go to America to kill the villain,
but he has no money, no passport and no visa! So he decides one thing and comes
to Chennai !

In Chennai, Villu climbs on top of LIC Building, gets blessings from Godess Kuruvi,
and jumps from the top floor!!!

But our Villu stays in air itself in same position! After 12 hrs,
the earth rotates and since he is still in the same position,
he jumps and lands in America! He kills the villain and returns
to Chennai the same way!!!!


pRasad said...

Lol..naughty little boy ;)

Nice pics ..can make anyone laugh out loud :D

beautiful copper said...

thanks :)