Monday, January 18, 2010

hehe, another slip

I been jobless and yet so damn busy man. Update is that I finally found a course to upgrade my photoshop skills. Its a course in retouching, my latest interest. After all, a good photoshopper HAS
to be good retoucher. MMwah, i love dis software. Anyways.
2nd update is that I am gonna learn driving..........yippee. Always thought I'll enjoy driving, will find
out soon. Was at the RTO today, for the learner license test. Driving classes, will start day after 2morrow. Yippee. Taking a break from a fulltime job, has done me a world of good man. The 1 year of zombie-like existence before that had cut me off from so many things that really matter in life.
I been checking out NGOs, rejoined the voice-culture class, discovered a beautiful specialization called retouching, learnt Reiki, been to Vipassana meditation course at Gorai, learnt to cook new things, watched cool movies, freelanced for friends and last but not the least started blogging again.

MySpace shutdown was not a bad thing for me after all ;)

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