Sunday, May 23, 2010

La francaiseee!!

Since I started learning french, I have gotten into the habit of enjoying french TV, french comics, websites and ofcourse french movies. Its so cool that learning a new language opens up a whole
new world of art and literature for you, that you previously could'nt understand.

On my first visit to the alliance francaise library, I discovered a genre of comics that I had only heard of. Lolo et Sucette is a series of funny and sex-y 'Bandes dessinées' that showcase
the lives of two saucy hookers and the fun they have 'on the job' :) It was refreshing to read something that talks about sex, hookers and streetlife, in a light-wicked-wacky way 'nd without any sense of pointless taboo, plus the jokes and illustrations are really funny. Plus I learnt so many new words. Guess what "preservatif" means. hehe.

I am gonna look for other volumes of the series.

Next task in line is to look for some interesting "Bande-animes".

More on this in d next post

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