Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brunette Turns Blonde ( Changing hair colour in Photoshop )


Heya ppl.
U knw after playin around Adriana Lima's close-up shot, the next challenge I chose was to
turn a brunette into a blonde. Turning light hair dark, is relatively easier, but brunette to
lighter colour seemed like an interesting task. First thing I did was look for a good tutorial
on this topic, but I was surprised to see that most tuts were recommending a short-cut
method, that dint really give realistic results. I mean they selected all the hair at once like
it was a wig, as a result of which the hair in front, on the sides, hair in shadows, in highlights...all got the same settings, same image adjustments. What I've done is that have selected hair in 5-6 parts, and applied slightly different settings as per their requirement. God, it took me a loooooong time to get this done, and I stopped only coz I got tired of it! But I am happy with the result, though feel that it could still have been better.
By the way, i've taken this image from

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