Friday, November 6, 2009

Today I made Aloo Chaat!

This time I wanted to experiment with a quickie. After surfing through Sanjeev kapoor's website, for a few mins, I settled for Aloo Chaat. A dish quite famous, but one that I had never tried. Its not really popular on Mumbai streets, nowhere close to bhelpuri anyways. But, the recipe seemed quite nutritious, as it is mostly raw food. The original recipe you can find if you click here. I made it slightly different. And it wasssss yummy. My sis loved it.

Potatoes, cubed
Lots of lemon juice
Little bit ginger, cut into thin strips
Oil to deep fry
Onion cut into thin strips
Chaat Masala, Garam Masala powder, Cumin(jeera) powder, Dhania powder
Green chillies chopped
Fresh coriander leaves chopped
Fried peanuts, and Masala cashews.
Salt to taste.

Procedure: Mix all the ingredients except potatoes, peanuts and cashews in a bowl. I did it with my hands, rather than using a spoon. Well, it seemed more effective that way. Now fry the chopped potatoes, and once done, add them to the mixture. Garnish with the peanuts and masala cashews, and enjoy the yummy treat.

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