Monday, October 19, 2009

Green delight - Methi Palak Coriander sabzi

Heres the recipe of that green veggie I made last week. I am sooo proud of it :D
Actually what happened is that I had
bookmarked a palak-methi-aloo fry recipe, a day before I was supposed to make this sabzi.
But as luck would have it, my net got disconnected and I was left with no option but to
invent a recipe, and boy wat i job i did! ( hehe) I pretty much included everything that caught
my fancy on the kitchen shelves, and luckily it turned out to be awesome.

Guys, if you find this recipe a bit confusing, dont complain, coz thats de spirit with which
it was made. It was all spontaneous. Feel free to add or subtract ingredients as per your choice. Like you can think of adding mint leaves, fennel seeds, paneer etc

Paste a) Cashews, Peanuts

Paste b) Dry coconut grated, Chopped Onion, Cardomom, Cloves, Cumin seeds

Paste c) Boiled Spinach leaves ( Keep the water from boiled spinach aside, as we'll use it while making making the pastes and while cooking) , Coriander, 1 Green chilly, some garlic

Paste d) Some Methi leaves ( not boiled )

And : Half-Boiled potatoes, 1 small chopped tomatoe, ginger garlic paste, Garam masala powder, chilli powder, turmeric, more methi leaves.


Step1: Chop the boiled potatoes and fry them in a moderate amount of oil. Fry them till they
are wholly cooked and a little golden fried. Add some chopped tomatoe along the way.
When satisfied with the way it looks, turn off the stove and keep aside.

Step 2: Roast cashews and peanuts in a nice iron wok and then make a paste in a mixie some spinach water.That was our paste number 1. Now roast the ingredients for Paste b and grind it in mixie with some spinach water. Similarly go ahead and grind the paste c ingredients.

Now for Paste d just remember that we want the methi to be visible in the sabzi, so just
take a handful of methi leaves and only half-grind them in the mixie. Keep the rest of the
methi leaves intact, to be added later.

Now that our pastes are ready, all that we hv to do dump them in the vessel. But heres
how we'll do it :
1) Heat oil in your favourite wok. Add Paste a ( the cashew-peanut one ) . Stir a bit,
enjoy the smell, and add paste b . Stir some more, and now add the ginger garlic paste, garam masala powder, chilli powder, and turmeric. Also, add the spinach water to this, to avoid
burning. Stir on, and now add the green paste, more spinach water and the rest of the methi
leaves (sparingly chopped). Let this cook for a few minutes, and then add the pototoe-tomatoe stuff we had made at the beginning. The potatoes will add thickness to this sabzi. Add lots of spinach water to the sabzi. When the water evaporates, leaving a thick rich dry-ish sabzi, your job is done. Dont forget to add salt, before turning off the gas. Tra-la-la, enjoy with rotis.

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