Friday, October 16, 2009

The Cooking bug

I am inspired. I am feeling alive. And I have been bitten by the cooking bug.
My creativity has found a new outlet - cooking. Well, I always enjoyed tinkering around
in the kitchen a few times in a year, but since the past week, my laziness has flown out
of the window, and I find myself making new recipes everyday. Annnnnd the cherry on
the cake, is that they turn out reaalll yummy.

Yesterday I made a terrific ( well, dats wat everybody said ) sabzi of Aloo Palak Methi.
I'll put up the recipe soon. Hmm...I think yeh Reiki ka asar hai. I havent felt down or
lazy for days ( 9, 10 days ) now. And it keeps getting better. I have even started my
illustration again. Yippee! Yimminy!

Another dish that I learnt to make was fried shrimps. :)

Heres the humble little recipe:

Keep cleaned shrimps, in a plate. Sprinkle rice flour, red chilli powder and if you want any
other spicy powder ( I added some readymade chicken masala wen Mom wasnt looking).
Now mix this well, so all the shrimps are covered with flour and spice.

Now chop an onion, and fry it in a pan with oil. Wen onion is goldenish, add the shrimps.
Spread the shrimps in the pan, and cover with plate. Let it stay for sometime,
and then turn all the shrimps over so their other side also gets cooked.
Let cook for a while and delicious red shrimps are ready to serve. For added fun, serve with
chilled beer. If at home, pair it with rice and some homemade fish curry. Yummmmy.

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