Friday, August 7, 2009

See wat I got!! A Wacom! :)

Hi All,
After watching a lot of wacom tutorial videos and reading a lot of reviews,I finally went and bought a wacom intuos4 for myself. After using it,I seriously felt, "Why the hell I dint do this before?". I used to feel so restricted with the mouse u know, I think it affected my career. Anyway, the tablet feels just like you are drawing on a piece of paper, with the added advantage of photoshop layers and all those wonderful powers that photoshop gives you. ( Mmmwah to Adobe for that! ) Anybody who is serious about graphic designing and illustration should get a graphic tablet, its really easy to use and saves sooo much time n effort, its not funny. I bought a wacom intuos4 medium (6x9) from access electronics, lamington road, for Rs.18500. Thats a lot of price difference with the Andheri showroom, who are selling it for Rs.21280. My pocket has become a lot lighter, but I am sure this was a wise wise decision.There is an illustration that I had made with a mouse, now I'll make the same with my tablet and pen. I'll put that up, so you guys can see the difference for yourself.Stay tuned. Ciao!

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Garv said...

Congrats... Thats what is called a shoppin... awesome gal