Sunday, August 2, 2009

Amy Dresser - Awesome professional retouching

Hmm..well the Charlies Angel photoswap job I had done got rejected. Why?1. Coz i charged a 1000 bucks 2. Coz the job is not flawless (!?!). Well, I am realy serious about photoshop, and when someone says my photoshop is not good enough, it really drivesme to do more. Grrr. I wanted to see what a top class photoswapping job would look like.By photoswappping I mean sticking Peter's head on Micheal's body. Well, I dint really find that, but what I found was some first-class photo retouching.I got the link to Amy's website from my favourite photoshop site:
The images below are taken from the portfolio of fulltime retoucher Amy Dresser. Based in Los Angeles, Amy has worked as a freelance photo retoucher and illustrator for the past seven years. Jeeze her work is amazing, Omg! I am so inspired!!!! My jaw dropped when I saw this one.

You can see rest of her at :

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