Sunday, March 20, 2011

Buffet froid - french bizarre dark comedy


Last night, I watched a french movie called "Buffet froid", which roughly translates into "A cold meal". I had the read the story behind the dvd, and expected it to be a goofy fun action-comedy.

But to my surprise, and I dint mind it, the movie was amusingly absurd n consistently funny. Every character is either a killer or gets killed. Its a quiet movie, most of it being shot in the night, in empty subways, deserted streets, and an almost-empty highrise. Gives it an urban-gothic touch. 20 mins into the movie, you realize that the movie is trying to say something abt the loneliness of city life, and how it seems to suck the meaning out of life. So much so that people are driven to do weird things.

For me the high point of the movie was the Gerard Depardieu. He was so cute when young, i found myself waiting for the camera to rest on his face, again n again :)

A good one.

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le lecteur said...

A cult movie it is. Glad you enjoyed it. Still has a strong reputation, and several scenes are well-known.

For example, the few shots in the countryside. "it is cold, and noisy. And all green!"