Sunday, December 26, 2010

My 5 favourite cartoons!

I love cartoons! More than movies or music, and thats saying a lot . I think I appreciate cartoons more now that I have grown up, than when I was a kid. Cartoons, my friends, are a simple tears, only joy :)
Heres the countdown of my favourite cartoons, starting from the number 5!

5) Doraemon
This one is always predictable but enjoyable. Based in Japan, the main characters are a group of school-going kids - Nobita, Gian, Tombari, and Shizuka. Nearly every episode starts the boorish
Gian, alongwith his accomplice Tombari, bullying Nobita for some reason or the other. Nobita, the loser, comes crying home everytime, and asks Doraemon for a gadget to teach Gian a lesson.
After protesting for sometime and preaching the virtues of self-reliance, the cat gives in ( Doraemon is a cat-robot) and produces a miraculous gadget from his pocket and hands it to Nobita warning him againts its mis-use. Nobita then goes on to kick Gian's ass but then goes too far, and gets his own ass kicked.
Despite this fixed agenda, I find the show entertaining. The characters are funny, each in their own different way. I love the japanese setting and all that jappiness. I really wish I could have watched and understood it in the original language. Hmm. With every new gadget come new adventures and new jokes. I love those imaginative gadgets, lol..... they are just the kind of things I used to dream of when I was a kid.

4) Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

Hehe...I havent seen this in a long while. I dont think it even airs anymore. But I remember the
black and white cat being so funny in his tireless efforts to catch hold of Tweety. And all this in the middle of solving mysteries with Granny, a lady detective somewhat like Agatha Christie's Miss Marple! I love mysteries, I love humour and thats what puts this show on my favourites list.

3) Kiteretsu
This ones similar to Doraemon, but in my opinion, simply better. First of all I prefer Kiteretsu's look and feel to that of Doraemon. While 'Doraemon' is colourful and glossy, Kiteretsu's scenes looks like a drawing, which gives it a charming worn-out feel like that of an old paper. I also prefer the characters. While Nobita of Doraemon is a cry-baby, Kiteretsu is a clever, sensible and cute little genius. The other characters are also very similar, making me think that both the shows must have originated from the same script. In fact I just now googled it and found this .

2) Scooby Doo
I absolutely adore this one. One of the funniest things I have ever seen. I love dogs, I love mysteries, I love stories with ghosts and graveyards and detectives, and this one has it all. Plus its so damn silly and funny. And scooby doo is so cute, with his strange shaky voice. I remember returning from school and getting glued to TV, when this used to air. The first time I saw Shaggy, I swear I thought the character was a beggar. Lol..So unkempt he looks. Some episodes, even has Scooby Doo's nephew, Scrappy Doo, a lively and brave puppy, trying to walk in the footsteps on his uncle, whom he believes to be, well, a hero.
The best part of every episode is the chase with the ghost chasing Scooby and Shaggy, and the other kids chasing the 'ghost', and all the slapstick comedy that ensues.
In the end, it always turns out that, the ghost/vampire/witch/whatever is a villain with a mask.
If I had to create an animated series, this is the kind of thing I would make. I dont know why Cartoon network discontinued it, but I hope I can get my hands on all the episodes on the net. Torrents, Torrents.

1) Shin-Chan

What do I say about Shin-Chan. Love him, hate him, you cant ignore him. Rather he wont let you
ignore him, with his..err..extraordinary antics. I enjoy watching this so much. I especially love the episodes where Shin-Chan is with his other little buddies.

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