Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twelve and holding

Saw dis on UTV worldmovies today. This is the best portrayal i have seen of the "not-yet-adult-and-no-more-a-kid" phase of life. Found the kids very believable, especially loved Malee's part, reminded me of myself wen i was 12 :)


* I loved the way the director shows how sometimes parents act like kids while kids behave
sensibly. When Leonard goes on a healthy diet, his worried mom asks him if he has joined a cult.
Leo has to do something extraordinary to show his obese mom that shes slowly killing herself
with all that grease on her bread.

* Liked the sweet chinky girl's character., Malee. She is so mature and sensitive and yet innocent
enough to expect a relationship with a much older (but cute!) man. "But we are soulmates!"
she says when he rejects her . But I know, at that age, you dont realize that older guys see you as a kid.


* I hated Jacob's Mom. She actually wished her son's killer ( by accident ) dead, and is careless
enough to say that infront of her emotionally disturbed 12 yr old son. Parents can be dangerously clueless about the consequences of their words.
Plus, the adoption at a bad time.
Somehow dis movie felt different than other coming-of-age movies - more real n therefore somewhat grim. The kids here are more like little adults, havin a mind of their own, but at the same time very naive. Definitely worth a watch.

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