Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bhool Bhulaiya - 4 stars from me

Hi All,
Last Saturday, I woke up in the morning, with a determination to enjoy my very first Saturday-off. And enjoy I did, coz much to my mom's amusement,I dressed up in flashy red and went alone to watch the matinee showof 'Bhool Bhulaiya' at R Adlabs. And wow, what a movie!

The movie does have a few flaws, but its so charmingly different thatyou'll forgive that. And its a mix of exactly the kind of movies I like- thrillers and comedies. (..AND it has Akshay Kumar and Shiney Ahuja)The movie starts with a funny-scary scene, with Paresh Rawal (sporting a shendi) finding himself alone in a beautiful haunted haveli. The next few scenes establish the fact that theres something not quite right with the lovely mahal. But the real story starts when the newly-wed NRIs Siddharth(Shiney) and Avani(Vidya Balan), insist on staying in the haunted mahal. What follows is literally a bhool-bhulaiya of suspicion, fear and superstition.

I liked this movie for several reasons.
1) The way its shot. Most of the action takes place in the haveli. This adds that air of 'somethin-lurking-there-since-ages' feel to the movie, since the haveli really looks like it had an...'eventful' past.
2) All the funny supporting characters and their silly antics. eg: Asrani trying to run away from the 'Bhootni'. hahaha, that was so funny.
3) Those Nancy Drew like sequences when the girls decide to explore 'that' room.
4) AkshayKumar as the eccentric detective-cum-shrink, adding lots of laughs to the recipe
5) The genuinely scary scenes
6) The music especially the flash-back dance isspectacularrrr.
7) The climax.

What I didnt like was the way the title song popped out of nowhere on Akshay Kumar's entry. It was totally out of place. Also, the movie felt really long, never-ending and repetitive at times.
Nonetheless, this one is definitely worth a watch, especially on a big screen. My 100 bucks are full vasool.

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