Wednesday, October 3, 2007


When I was a kid, I thought I would be happy if I were richer, prettier. It stayed that way for many years. Since then Life has taught me better, I know that happiness has gotnothing to do with money, fame or watever.Well, theoritically or instinctivelyI guess most people know this. But it doesnt take much to 4get this crucial fact oflife in the daily grind.
When I lie down at night, in my cool cozy bedroom, theres nothing more that I want from life. I feel like I couldnt care less about getting a better job, a better salary,a better all jus seems so irrelevant, when you are looking at the big picture.But come day, and the crowd in the trains, the deadlines, the pollution..automaticallymy mind starts fantasizing about a better life.
It starts with a wish. Wish I didnt have to travel in a crowded train- wish my job were in mulund or nahur or definitely notfarther than Bhandup.
Then I start thinkin of a strategy. How to find the perfect job? Even if I find a job inMulund, will the work be stimulating, will the work atmosphere be nice..wil the, will the...So I write down a detailed description of the job I want, as according to Law of Attraction this helps the universe bring you what you desire. At this point, the chase has alreadybegun.
Once I actually start looking for a job, I have to be sure of identifying "the dream job".Theres a fair bit of tension, uncertainty and insecurity here. I gotta choose something thatsbetter than what I got. Or do I ask for a better offer from my present boss? More conflict inmy mind.
I am not saying that looking for a better chance is bad. Its just that, in the quest tofind a job that'll make me happy, we..atleast I, have repeatedly sidelined the true meaningof happiness.
At times, I just drop all the baggage and just decide to smile. I just take a deep breath,look up at the big blue sky, and become one with my inner self. And the big picture is there again. It makes me feel so good. Like I am back on track.
I have been through this mary-go-round so many times. But I dont feel so bad about it aseverytime I have evolved. Its me who reminded myself to take it easy, and think of the Buddha.

Fact is, happiness is the simplest thing. After a point in your personal evolution, you realizethat its all about just making the decision,- "Now I am happy". And all the pieces fall into place.Those are the magic words, "Now I am happy", say it like its the ultimately truth of your being,like its as real as the air you breath.

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soulwithbody said...

I felt oneness reading. Keep going...